“Joe has done wonders with my GSD, Sindel. During his first visit when she was about 6 months old, there was already a positive change that day. This guy knows everything about dogs and dog behavior. He was able to completely customize the training to fit with my dog's personality and our lifestyle, and I couldn't have asked for better results. He can very easily communicate with dogs and it baffles me as to why this guy isn't well known around the country. Extremely reasonable price for the amount of professional knowledge that I've received, the time spent with me and my dog, and constant availability for any questions or issues. The training is made very easy because he comes to your house! You don't have to go through the hassle of taking your dog somewhere foreign to meet a stranger. I recommend Joe for EVERYONE who has a dog, is thinking about getting a dog, or going to add another dog to the home. This guy has you covered!”

Jessica Kirtley, October 2015


“When our 6-year-old doberman/ridgeback mix began having anxiety in the car and on leash and also became dog aggressive, we contacted a few trainers for help.  Joe was the only one who was willing to work with our dog.  I was skeptical that our old dog could "learn new tricks" but after the first session with Joe I was amazed at the results.  In less than an hour Joe had him walking politely on the leash without pulling or lunging.  At our next session Joe was able to get our dog to ride in the car calmly without whining and charging for the front seat.  Our dog's anxiety was gone and with his new security he no longer felt the need to be aggressive toward other dogs.  Joe was able to teach our dog - and more importantly teach us - how to act as a secure "pack" so that we could enjoy taking our dog in the car and on hikes in public when other dogs were present.  I highly recommend Joe Conti and Complete Canine!”

Stephanie Roberts & Michael Cvitkovich, September 2010

"When we first contacted Complete Canine about our dog's bad manners, we were skeptical.  How can someone possibly train this dog, who had already been through two 8 week classes of dog training and we still haven't seen any results?  We were at our breaking point with our dog, Oscar and ready to give up on him altogether.  We thought Oscar deserved one last chance and decided it would be best to hire someone to come into our home this time and train him.  We quickly learned that it wasn't just Oscar who was in need of training, but we needed a lesson on dog psychology and discipline as well.  After the first session with the dog trainer, Joe, we were amazed  by the results, after just one session!  After eight weeks of training, Oscar was truly a new dog.  In fact when our family came over for Christmas, they couldn't believe he was the same dog.  If you need a reference for Complete Canine, please feel free to contact us, I would love to tell you about my amazing experience with Complete Canine and Joe Conti."
Darcy and Eric Sigdestad, January 2008

"When we rescued our two year old German Shepherd dog, we had no idea what we were in for. After searching high and low for help, Joe was the savior to our troubled pet who had major anxiety problems that went unaddressed with other trainers. Now, thanks to Joe, we finally have a confident and loving German Shepherd dog that we can be proud of. I would recommend Complete Canine to anyone looking for a quality trainer that really produces excellent results"
Jared and Maria Corbitt, June 2007

"Complete Canine's motto says it best, no gimmicks just results. We have a Pomeranian Chihuahua, Bradlee, that was terrorizing our home. We felt absolutely helpless until Joe came in and turned our dogs behavior a complete 180 degrees. In the short three weeks, we've seen our dog turn into the loving, obedient dog that we have hoped for. I don't know what we would have done without Joe's expert teachings and guidance. Thank you so much"
Erik and Rachael Engstrom, July 2006

"When I first heard about Complete Canine a few years back it was before I had adopted my dog Lucy, I was impressed by the success I had seen with the dogs that had been trained by Complete Canine. With the guidance and technique I have learned from Complete Canine I have been able to take control of my life and enjoy the time with my dog worry free of problems. I would highly recommend Complete Canine to any dog owner!"
Natacha Gaymer-Jones, November, 2004

"Joe, I want you to know that we are tremendously grateful for the changes you helped us achieve with our aggressive English Bulldog, Friedrich. Your persistence in keeping us focused on the root causes of the undesirable behaviors, and insistence on our doing the right thing consistently for the benefit of our dog has given us the dog we always knew we had. We would recommend the services of Complete Canine to anyone seriously interested in insuring the happiness of, and developing the strongest possible relationship with, their dog."
Sincerely, George and Marisa Spanias, September 2002

"Joe, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to help me understand how to better communicate with our Bernese Mountain Dog, Kodiak. In four short months your knowledge and professionalism has allowed me to go from an inexperienced owner of a 5 month old puppy to a point where people will literally stop me on the street and ask how such a young dog can be so well behaved. Thanks to you I'm the envy of all the dog owners in our neighborhood. Any trainer can teach the basic commands. What sets Joe apart is his love for the profession and his willingness to take the time to make sure that the owner knows how to read his dog's behavior. I feel I now have the ability to stop problems before they begin, and more importantly how to teach new behaviors that I would like my dog to know. If an owner truly wants to learn how to have a better relationship with their dog they couldn't do any better than to have Joe teach them the way. Thanks again Joe, my wife and I are forever in your debt."
Sincerely, Gregg A. Cochrane, D.C., 2001

"...The first day Joe came to our house we saw immediate results with problems that we tried correcting ourselves for months! After that first consult we signed on with Complete Canine, and couldn't be happier with the performance level our dog has achieved. I can't thank them enough for the wonderful relationship we now have with our dog..."
Paul Mecucci, August 15, 2000

"...Joe has an uncanny ability to communicate with canines and has made all the difference in the relationship I have with my dog. Before Joe's first visit, I was a frustrated first-time dog owner on the brink of giving up on a willful, hyperactive puppy. Joe taught me how to understand and meet the dogs needs, and now I have a WONDERFUL companion dog who means the world to me! I recommend Complete Canine to EVERYONE who has or is thinking of getting a dog..."
Jen West, March 1, 2000

"...From the first day Joe walked into our house, we began to see immediate positive results and knew hiring him would be a benefit to us and our dog. Not only did Joe train our dog, he taught us how to lead our dog ourselves. Joe has a wealth of knowledge in his field and is very dedicated to his profession. We are very happy with the results Joe helped us achieve and would recommended Complete Canine's services to anyone..."
Justin Curry, November 1, 1999

"...Your love of dogs as well as your ability to communicate with them was immediately obvious... I suppose what one of your new students said to some of us "oldtimers" was your greatest compliment, he asked if we were "studying to be dog trainers". I guess we picked up a few things!..."
Dr. Peter A. Weisskopf, May 11, 1998

"...We found immediate positive results with Joe's recommendations... Not only has he provided excellent advanced obedience training for Jack, but in addition, he has taught us how to better understand our dog and his needs... We are abundantly satisfied with the services of Complete Canine and Mr. Joe Conti..."
Michelle Costi and Jennifer Parsons, September 19, 1997

"...Both of our dogs have changed so much for the better, that they have become a significant and appreciated part of our family... Your company and approach to dog training is first class, and you come highly recommended by me and my family..."
Michael M. Carlson, American Cancer Society, March 28, 1997

"...Both Sugar and I came to look forward to our training sessions... As you pointed out, the dogs generally enjoy the attention and the learning experience..."
John Riley, Attorney-at-Law, February 5, 1997

"... The warmth and love you exhibit, along with your talent, shows how much you care about animals. You have made an enormous difference. I would refer you to anyone at anytime..."
Dr. Nancy K. Boll, April 23, 1996

... Your ability, devotion and true love of animals is evident... I feel better about my dog since he completed your training program..."
J. Diana Lightfoot, March 28, 1996

"... We could not believe the difference when our dog came back after staying at your facility for two weeks... The love you have for animals and the passion you have for your work separate you from every other trainer in the area..."
F. Jay Jahn, March 11, 1996

"... I am amazed at the progress we have achieved both the dog and myself as the handler...Thank you for enlightening me on what dog ownership really means and for an addition to the family that I can depend on..."
Gary Zendejas, October 23, 1995

"...Your dedication to your profession was demonstrated by your going above and beyond that of any other trainer..."
Joseph Murray, October 15, 1995

"...You certainly have the credentials to train canines and your demonstration illustrated tremendous results obtained through Complete Canine Professional Dog Training..."
Redlands Rotary Club, September 13, 1995